Chief Diversity Officer - University of Florida

Strategic Plan

Building Inclusive Excellence at UF: A Three-Year Plan, 2022-2025

Year 1

Understanding the Current Landscape

  • Building on the self-assessments completed through the APLU Aspire IChange and AAAS SEA Change initiatives, we will contract with external subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive, objective, and evidence-based assessment of the current DEI landscape at UF
  • In addition to quantitative and qualitative assessments, this analysis will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the DEI space at UF

Year 2

Creating an Institutional Equity and Inclusion Blueprint

  • Rather than a detailed strategic plan, we will develop a values-based blueprint outlining clear, actionable, and achievable themes that will serve as guideposts for the detailed work that will occur in the colleges and business units
  • After feedback from campus stakeholders and reviewing data and reports from Year 1 activities, the blueprint may include focus areas such as:
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Climate and culture
    • Training and curriculum
    • DEI infrastructure (institutional policies, procedures, and practices)
    • Celebrating our successes

Year 3

Supporting an Inclusive Climate and Culture

  • With a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and with a solid framework in place, we will turn our attention to climate and culture in year 3
  • An inclusive climate and culture will be the engine that will drive our success in the DEI space
  • Our goal is to build a culture that students, faculty, and staff from all communities and walks of life are eager to join and will work to sustain
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