Chief Diversity Officer - University of Florida

The Decade Ahead: UF Goal-Setting Task Force Final Report December 2015

ASPIRATION: The University of Florida will be a premier university that the state, nation, and world look to for leadership.


An exceptional academic environment that reflects the breadth of thought essential for preeminence, achieved by a community of students, faculty, and staff who have diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Objective 1

UF students, faculty and staff with increasingly diverse demographic and geographic characteristics.


  • Geographic diversity, including out of state and international students, faculty, and staff.
  • Racial/ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity.
  • Diversity across other demographic characteristics (e.g. gender, disabilities).

Objective 2

A university climate that is inclusive, supportive and respectful to all.


  • A climate survey for students, faculty and staff to identify areas for improvement.
  • Number and scope of activities and programs that promote diversity.
  • Opportunities for interactions among people having a diversity of experiences and backgrounds.
  • Annual reports from UPD and student affairs regarding discriminatory activity.

Objective 3

Diverse, robust educational and interdisciplinary areas of excellence.


  • Breadth and balance of educational programs offered on and off campus and online.
  • Percent of students and faculty engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Objective 4

Increased globalization to enhance our effectiveness as world citizens.


  • Percentage of students participating in study abroad experiences.
  • Percentage of faculty and graduate students participating in international conferences as participants, speakers, and leaders.
  • Number of international collaborative agreements in educational programs and research.
  • Percent of graduate and undergraduate international students at UF.
  • Percent of courses, activities, and organizations that promote globalization.

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