Celebrating Native American Heritage Month at the University of Florida

As the nation honors the cultures and contributions of Native Americans, the University of Florida invites you to explore and discover the Indigenous peoples of our region and the state of Florida through this content curated across campus. 



Did you know?


Below are some quick facts about the Indigenous peoples of the Gainesville area, but there is so much more! We encourage you to visit this guide from the UF Libraries highlighting educational resources about Native American and Indigenous peoples.


Which Indigenous peoples inhabited North Central Florida?

Where are the archaeological sites on the UF campus?

Are there drawings of the Timucua?

Do we have a record of the Timucua language?


Experience exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Randell Research Center 


Learn how the Calusa Lived

Explore this permanent exhibition at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville which features the natural environments in which the Calusa lived and see the house of a Calusa leader.

Walk the Calusa Heritage Trail

A guide from the Randell Research Center shares what it is like to walk the Calusa Heritage Trail, an almost 1-mile interpretive walkway that leads visitors through the mounds, canals, and other features of the Pineland archaeological site in Lee County, Florida. 



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