Celebrating Asian, Pacific Islander & Desi American Heritage Month

The term Asian American has grown and evolved since the 1960s to encompass many cultures including peoples from east Asian counties (such as China and Japan), southeastern Asian (such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam), the Pacific Islands (such as Polynesia, Guam and Hawaii) and south Asia or Desi (such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). As the nation celebrates Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi American Heritage Month, the University of Florida is honored to invite you to help us grow the awareness of intersecting Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi identities, celebrations, stories and empowerment. Please visit this page often for updates on content celebrating the Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi experience at UF.




Huisheng Xie

Dr. Xie provides holistic treatment at UF's Veterinary Equine Acupuncture Center

Kristina Biglete

Third-year student Kristina Biglete is driven by two passions — her love for sharing Filipino culture and her calling to take on health disparities.

Lisa D’Souza

Director of Career & Leadership Programs at the Heavener School of Business Lisa D’Souza shares her career journey and UF experience. 

Sansum Lampotang

UF Researcher Samsun Lamptang shares his UF experience. 

Kim Pace

Assistant VP for Student Affairs Kim Pace shares her career journey and UF experience. 

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