National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

 Student mentoring

  • University Minority Mentor Program provided through Multicultural and Diversity Affairs pairs first-year students with members of the faculty and staff to help them navigate their first year as UF students.
  • PODEMOS a year-long initiative for first-year Hispanic-Latinx students at UF that consists of an academic success program in the fall semester (LEAP), and a professionalization program in the spring semester (PODER). The program pairs first-year students with peer mentors.
  • Life Coach: a program offered to all 3rd and 4th year first-generation students. Students will be paired with a trained Life Coach to receive one-on-one guidance and life planning assistance. By connecting with a Life Coach, students will have the opportunity to maximize their education by gaining guidance from professionals right here on campus. The Life Coach is there to aid students in goal setting and outlining the steps necessary to reach these goals. The Life Coach is there to encourage students as they prepare to transition from undergrad to a career, graduate, or professional school.

Business mentoring

  • Mentor-Protégé Program: Run by Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations (Division of Business Affairs). The purpose of this program is to facilitate effective working relationships between established businesses and emerging business (including woman and minority owned companies).
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